Weekend Update: Summerville YMCA Youth Triathlon, Lake Lure Triathlon, CSTS #5, and Greenville Triathlon

Another super impressive weekend for my athletes.

Starting with Saturday, I had several triathlete prodigies representing at the Summerville YMCA Youth Triathlon.





Sisters Hadley and Madison, daughters of Team AMEC athlete Dawn, made us all proud by racing super hard and having a great time doing it!


Being in the same age group and racing each other this year resulted in all smiles.  Hadley placed 4th and Madison – who moved up to the 9-10 girls this year pulled out a 2nd place and is happy to show off her hardware.  Madison’s future goals? To follow in Uncle Don’s footsteps and qualify for Kona.






Scotty placed 2nd in his AG and also the 3rd overall boy finisher.  Scotty is continuing to push the boundaries of what kids can do when they put their minds to it.  Next summer he will embark on an amazing journey- riding his bike across the country to raise money and awareness for Water Missions.  You will hear me talk more about this over the next months, but go to Scotty’s Ride for Water to read more about it.  He’s a remarkable young man. In the upcoming months we are training for 2 days of riding 60+ miles in Asheville, the Cystic Fibrosis 100 mile Cycle for Life and the Jerry Zucker Ride for Hope.

Did I mention he’s 12?





20160813_0929243 was the lucky number for Doug this weekend as he continued his race marathon. He took 3rd in his AG at the Lake Lure Sprint Triathlon on Saturday, then packed up and headed over to the Greenville Triathlon on Sunday where he also took 3rd in his AG.  Both of these races were part of the SetUp Events SC Triathlon Series and he added more points to strengthen his hold on 1st place in his AG for the series.  Currently 500 points ahead of 2nd place- I am feeling pretty good about this one!







Now let’s talk about the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series.  This was the last race of the summer, number 5, and we are all sad to see it go.  Everyone today was racing for race podiums and series podiums.  It was great to see almost everyone meet up before the race and snap this amazing picture together.  Missy- next time, I hope!









The friendly Women’s 30-34 AG rivalry between Cindi and Sarah continued today.  Cindi had a great day today- feeling super fresh and strong.  Her results show it, too, as she shaved another minute of her best time for basically the 4th PR of the series.  Yes, she basically improved every race this season.  Her goal today was to break into the 1:12s and she came in at 1:12:19.  Next year she should be breaking 1:10!









Cindi’s performance today put her on the top step as 1st place in AG for the 4th race in a row, and solidified her 1st place in AG for the series as well.  Very happy for her.


Sarah also had a really good day today- even though her face in that picture above right doesn’t show it.  She thought she was going slow- when actually she was only 20 seconds behind her PR.  She also placed 2nd in her AG for the race.  I am sure she will be the first to tell you that she learned today about keeping her head in the game- and to listen when your coach is yelling at you from the sidelines.   BTW, Sarah, if you are reading this, your swim split today was your fastest yet- even though you told me right after the race that it was terrible.  So, that’s your SECOND “dum-dum” award of the DAY.  :-)





Joelle has had a tough week this week as she has been suffering from some back pain.  However, she came out and gave it her all as a training day for Ironman 70.3 North Carolina.  I have all the confidence in the world that we are getting to the bottom of it and we’ll be right back on track to wrap up the last 10 weeks of training for her first half!



As you may remember, Melisa has also had an injury but she is coming back and getting stronger by the race.   She placed 3rd in her AG today!







Missy had a FANTASTIC day, wrapping up the series with another PR today! Your fastest time ever is great way to close up the sprint races.  She always has a smile on her face and looks like she is having a great time! Unfortunately she probably would have been a millisecond faster if I hadn’t yelled “Hold on!” so I could get that picture of her running.  Fortunately I came to my senses immediately and told her “What am I saying?!? Don’t hold on.  Run!”  Now it’s time to focus on her first half ironman with Joelle!












Since we are on the topic of PRs, Melissa brought home a fastest CSTS race time today, too! Shaving a minute off her previous best, this was good enough for her to bring home a 2nd place in her AG for the race.  She’ll be wrapping up the year in October when she races Ironman 70.3 North Carolina with Joelle and Missy!


Dawn has also been a member of the unfortunate injury club- nursing a bit of a hamstring/glute issue. IMG_6434

Our goal today was to go out and have fun and feel good.  She not only did this but crushed the bike- having the 3rd fastest bike split in her AG and being able to run the whole run! I am really happy that she had a good day and we will continue to work on getting her glute strength up to heal her up quick.


Well, this is a bummer and I am not sure how it happened but I somehow missed getting a picture of Bree solo.  Sorry, lady! But she had a really good race today and had a great 2nd fastest swim in her division.  I am really happy about that! She had a little brake rubbing snafu on the bike for a few minutes but took care of it and rode like a rock star- loving her new bike!








On the men’s side we had more good results and a mishap.  Don decided to just pop in and race after a REALLY HARD day of training yesterday (all week actually) and still managed to pull out a 1st place in his AG.


Don is going to enjoy a recovery week this week as we are counting down the weeks til Kona!

He also has a friendly AG rivalry with another one of my athletes, Danny, who had a good race himself today. He placed 2nd in the AG and also managed to  put up the fastest bike split for the AG. I hope that he is rubbing that one in to Don pretty well.






Ken had a much better race today than CSTS #4, shaving 4 minutes off from a few weeks ago.   He placed 4th in his AG and is looking forward to wrapping up triathlon season with the Kiawah Triathlon before shifting over to running season.





Pearce made a slight tactical error today losing the top spot in his category by an unfortunate 7 seconds.  He caught the 1st place guy at the end of the run, sat on him for a bit, and then took off- but just a little too soon.  The 1st place dude was bluffing a bit and ramped it up to take it in the end.  Great try, Pearce.  Like I told him at the line: Sometimes you have to risk losing to win.  Today it didn’t work out, but next time it may!








And finally, Milo pulled the oldest trick in the book today.  Feeling mounting pressure from his coach to break 1:10 in the 5th and final race of the series, he avoided it all together by having a bike mechanical.  In all seriousness, though, it’s a bummer because I know he was ready to rock it out today and it’s always unfortunate when your bike gets the best of you.


It’s a sad day because I really love watching everyone do this great local series.IMG_2938

Great work to everyone- you all had a great series of races.   Sometime my racers complain about not looking their best in my photos, so here’s a special treat to celebrate the finale: Me looking like a complete goober.  Only in facial expression, though, because I look amazing in my Cervo Rosso kit. (Shameless sponsor plug)

Now let’s focus on the fall!

Weekend Update: Lake Logan Half, Lake Logan International, Summer Sizzler 10k, and The Copper Triangle

This weekend we had Team AMEC athletes representing in North Carolina and Colorado.




At the Lake Logan half distance triathlon  Don and Danny gave it their all.

Don continued his training for Kona by going out hard today- trying to hit specific watts and paces in his splits.  He came in 3rd in his AG in a very strong field. We have a few things nailed down but still want to tweak a few things, too.  World Championships are getting very close!

Danny also had a good day, finishing mid-pack in a very large, competitive field. Next up for him is the Challenge Aruba triathlon.  That looks to be a very difficult yet beautiful event.  Looking forward to hearing about that.





Dawn had a good day at the Lake Logan International distance triathlon.  IMG_5561

She is still nursing a running injury so we knew going in that her run split was not going to be what she is capable of.  Therefore our goal was to have a strong bike and she delivered- even with a mechanical!

Our next and final race of the season is the White Lake half in September!









Our newest teammate Patty came onto the scene with a bang- winning her AG in the Summer Sizzler 10k.  Even though I have not yet met her in person she has an amazing spirit and is so excited about training hard and seeing improvement.  I am very excited to be working with her and looking forward to whatever she wants to do next!


IMG_1495 And finally, 2 of my 3 Voyles ladies braved really awful weather at the Copper Triangle in Colorado.  The 78-mile ride crests three Colorado Mountain passes with almost 6000 ft of climbing.  The cold rain made them contemplate quitting at one point but neither of them had cell service so the couldn’t.  Ha! We’ve all been there before.  Great job ladies for toughing it out- it will make you that much stronger for Ironman Arizona.


Next weekend marks the end of the summer with the last race of the Charleston Sprint Triathlon series.  I can’t believe it’s already here.  Check back because I expect to have a lot of overall series winners and placers!

Weekend Update: Tom Hoskins Memorial Sprint Triathlon and Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #4

We had another great

weekend of racing!




Before we get to the results at CSTS #4 I want to give Doug a big shout out.

In his 10th race of the season he placed 3rd overall at the Tom Hoskins Memorial Sprint Triathlon in Columbia, SC. His splits continue to improve and he has no plans of slowing down.  No racing for him next week but then we are at it again at the  Lake Lure Olympiad. And then we start wrapping up the season with the rest of the Setup Events SCTS , which I am expecting him to take top prize in for his AG.





The big news of the week is our huge showing at the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series. In race 4 of the series we had 10 Team AMEC athletes racing.

Before I talk about my coaching peeps I’d like to mention that I also had 4 special athletes that I have been working with through the Blue Sky Endurance Triathlon Training Program race as well. It has been so exciting to watch Anne-Patrick, Robin, Sandra and Sheri progress in their first year of triathlon! They are working so hard and doing so well. I am very proud of them.

The Team AMEC ladies rocked it out again this weekend.




Cindi and Sarah- who didn’t know each other until CSTS #3- have become friends IMG_9057with a friendly rivalry as they are in the same AG.  It’s great because they are making each other better without realizing it. BOTH ladies PR’ed AGAIN today.  Plus- and this should come as no surprise- these ladies were the fastest in their AG. Cindi took 1st and Sarah took 2nd.








Joelle and Missy (far left and far right, respectively) both took time out of their Ironman 70.3 North Carolina training to race today.  Neither of them PR’ed today, but that’s OK because we have been doing LOTS of volume and hard half ironman distance specific training and no tapering.  Basically these races are just fun training days for them.  However, they both placed 4th in their respective AGs and  I am super happy about that! Only 12 more weeks, ladies.


Dawn ALSO landed a 4th in her AG today.  She’s been battling a running injury and we have been focusing more on the swim and bike because of it so I am really happy about how her day went. Hopefully she won’t be feeling it later :(

IMG_6377Bree also took some time out of her Ironman 70.3 Augusta and  Ironman Florida training to have some fun today.

She had a long training ride Friday on a new bike before this race which is not something I would normally do to someone racing a sprint that weekend.  She placed 7th in her field- which was a large competitive field today- and I am very proud of her!






Melissa is also training for Ironman 70.3 North Carolina but took today to continue racing the series with her family.  She placed 5th in her AG today.





IMG_09051revOn the men’s side Milo is keeping with his consistency of placing 6th in his AG.  He is also training for Ironman 70.3 North Carolina so we aren’t tapering him.  Today he had his fastest swim and bike splits of the series.  I am looking forward to watching him get faster and crush his first half ironman.

Danny placed 4th in his AG, missing 3rd place by only 2 seconds. He’s training for the Challenge Aruba Triathlon- a half-distance race- in the fall.

And finally, Ken placed 2nd in his AG.  Not his best time by a long shot but he has been coming back from a prolonged illness that has pretty much shelved training for the last month.  I expect he’ll be much faster at the last race of the series and hopefully take 1st.

That’s it for this week.  Thanks to all my athletes for continuing to trust me with their training!

Weekend Update: IOP Beach 10k, Swamp Rabbit Triathlon, Racine 70.3, Chicago Half-Marathon, Alzheimer’s Ride to Remember

It was a very busy weekend for my athletes.

On Saturday, there was the Isle of Palms Beach Run 10k and the Swamp Rabbit Triathlon in Greenville.



Sarah endured the crazy hot temperatures to come in 2nd overall and win her AG at the IOP beach run.  As I have said all along, you have to Suffer to Succeed and clearly Sarah has adopted this mantra.  As you can see, she experienced EXTREME suffering during her race. I am very proud of her- not that she wasn’t a great athlete before working with me, but I have definitely seen a transformation in her fierceness.


Doug also had a good Saturday in Greenville.  He found himself on the podium once again; placing in 2nd in his AG.  This also furthers his lead in the SC Triathlon Series.  It won’t be long before he clinches his position on the first step.


Tracey had an interesting Sunday. The weather in Racine put a damper on the Ironman Racine 70.3.  Due to storms rolling through, the swim was cut and the bike leg shortened to 30ish miles.IMG_5913  Once the rain cleared it was hot and humid and windy.   Nevertheless, she rocked it out and finished her first “44.1” She adds that to her first “72.3” that she completed earlier this year at Mountains to Main Street- so this has been the year of unusual distances.




In Chicago, however, the weather proved to be perfect and my ladies BOTH PR’ed.


Meridee apparently helped herself to some reward chocolate coming in at 1:39.  13754142_10153532119535146_4991744588569436643_nOur goal was for her to PR and break 1:40 and she did both!  She is a good reminder to all those who are battling injury that being smart and easing back in to training is best and once you are well you can work hard and be better than ever.






Missy also looked fierce out there- shaving 3 minutes off her best time and coming within striking distance of breaking 2 hours.  I am very proud of all her hard work! She’s going to keep getting faster and faster and I can’t wait to see her progress- especially at her first 70.3 this fall.




And finally, Dawn and Don had a great weekend of riding, covering a lot of ground across the state of SC for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Ride to Remember.  Racing is certainly not the only reason we train – it’s wonderful to ride for a purpose.


Weekend Update: Clemson Triathlon and CSTS #3

Hello! And welcome to this week’s weekend update.  Yet another weekend of great results. Let’s start in the upstate at the Clemson Triathlon.

Bree had a GREAT day, coming in 5th in her division but most importantly SMASHING her previous best time at that race by almost 8 minutes!  She crushed her PR splits on the swim and the bike and cruised in at 1:52, breaking 2 hours for the first time in her 3rd time at this race.  Especially awesome considering she was on vacation all week and drove there from her mountain getaway.

Doug also had a good day, missing the podium by a measly 11 seconds.  His run has always been his limiter and all our hard work is paying off- he had his best run split by almost 30 seconds/mile.  He continues his almost every weekend race schedule and he is racing himself into tip top form.   This race finish bumped him to first place in the SC Triathlon Series and I hope he will hold that through the season.

Neither one of those dummies got pictures so you’ll just have to imagine how pro they looked.

At the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series race #3 we had a great showing.  It was hotter than hell and EVERYONE had slower run splits, but in those types of temperatures that’s to be expected.


Cindi and Sarah dominated the female 30-34 AG.  Cindi took 1st and Sarah took the 2nd step of the podium.  Cindi had faster swim and bike splits and came within seconds of her last race time, which if you remember was a PR for her.  Sarah PR’ed by about a minute and with her typical split run she would have crushed it even more.  Super proud of both these ladies- they are working very hard!

Joelle had a good training and then good karma race today.  She flatted on the bike and learned how to change it quickly with the adrenaline of a race. Then she decided to forgo her own splits and pace someone on the run who was struggling.  She will automatically advance to having better luck next time for her good deed.





Bree doubled up this weekend and it worked out quite well.  After a great race on Saturday she managed to pull out a 2nd place podium finish on Sunday! She broke 40 minutes on her bike split which is a personal best for her, which makes me super excited!





Melissa also had a GREAT bike split- shaving almost a minute off her best and coming in at 38:20.  She had a solid performance and pulled in a 7th place in her AG finish.





On the men’s side, Pearce flew back in to town from a week of tropical vacation and placed 2nd in his division.


charleston tri 7-10-16   c


Jason started his summer race season with a solid start- besting his swim split by over 23 seconds.  He maintained a solid bike and run and came in 13th in his highly competitive AG.


He also managed to get a shot where he is running with Melissa 😉

charleston sprint tri 7-10-16  d


Milo continued to be consistently consistent by coming in at 1:10- as he did in #1 and #2.  This time it was a good showing for 6th place.