Weekend Update: IM Chattanooga 70.3 and Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

We had a huge showing at 2 big races on Sunday. Ashley, Darrell, Emily,  Missy , Sandra, Shannon, and Tracey represented us at IM Chattanooga 70.3 and Jennifer, Joelle, Ken, Melissa, Robin, Scotty, and Steve kicked off the Charleston Sprint Triathlon series with Race #1.

IM Chattanooga 70.3

Let’s head to Chattanooga first… It’s always awesome to have a lot of racers at one event- it makes it more fun and less stressful to have teammates/friends supporting one another. Plus, that means we have multiple Sherpas with the opportunity for more pictures!




Chatty has a hard run course and it was HOT but the team still had all the smiles!

When it was all said and done, everyone did GREAT!!!!

Darrell crush his previous time at Chatty by over 30 minutes. Calculating in the difference of the slightly shorter swim this year it would have still been at least a 20 minute PR. It was also his first ever sub-2 hour run for a 70.3, finishing that leg in 1:54. I am so proud of him.

Missy and Shannon both blew their previous 70.3 PRs out of the water- Missy by 57 minutes and Shannon by 1 hour and 16 minutes! I am so stoked for them!

Tracey cut 30 minutes off her time from her last hilly 70.3 which is an awesome accomplishment.

Ashley CRUSHED the bike course (like for real, she rocked it) and held on for a strong finish.

Emily posted up a great time only a couple minutes off her 70.3 PR which was on a pancake flat course. She should be proud of herself- I know I am!

Sandra has worked hard and gotten so much stronger on the bike. She exceeded my expectations and beat her last 70.3 bike split by a mile an hour- and Chattanooga is a hilly, tough course. I am very happy with her results.

Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

The Charleston Sprint series is the signature triathlon event of the area and is always an important part of the team’s season. This weekend it kicked off and we had some great results!

Thanks to Dawn, Hadley, and Madison for being awesome cheerleaders. We got some live action shots, too!

We had 4 podiums today!

Jennifer and Scotty placed 1st in their AGs, Ken finished 2nd in his AG, and Joelle grabbed 3rd in hers! Everyone else did well, too, and I am looking forward to faster times as the series moves on!

Weekend Update: Duathlon World Championships, White Lake International Triathlon, Nashville Half Marathon, Oconee Man Triathlon, Blue Sky Endurance Fest

Wow- it was a BUSY weekend all over the world for Team AMEC. Races on both Saturday and Sunday brought us all the warm fuzzies and great results.

After qualifying for the Duathlon World Championships last spring, Sarah traveled to Pontevedra, Spain to take part in this exciting experience. We were lucky enough to use a computrainer to pre-ride the challenging bike course last week so she was very prepared for the tough climbs. She pulled out an impressive result- 14th in her AG and 3rd American in her AG. I am very excited for her to use this race as a learning experience for her to head to Worlds again next year in the Netherlands.

Sandy brought us all the happy feels as a blind guide for Alexandra at the White Lake International Triathlon. She was tethered to Alexandra during the swim (which she mentioned was quite challenging until they got in their groove) and the run, and they rode a tandem bicycle. Sandy says it was one of the greatest experiences in her life and Alexandra placed 3rd in her AG! An impressive feat considering she was raced in the AG- not a special category- AND she and Sandy had no experience practicing or training together. They just met that morning!

Tracey and Kimberly were in Nashville for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Tracey used the half as a training day for Chattanooga 70.3 in a few weeks and we are clearly right on target for that race. Kimberly was able to get back at it in the 5k after overcoming several obstacles and surgery over the winter. I am happy for both of them.

Sunday funday was good to us, too! Charlie competed in the Oconee Man Triathlon up in Seneca, SC- his second tri of the season and his first ever with an open water swim and lots of hills. He crushed it with a 3rd in AG finish. Not too shabby for a flatlander!

Meanwhile, back in Charleston, Sandra and Heather had a fun day at the Blue Sky Endurance Fest- a swim/run event. Both competed in the 1 mile swim/ 1 mile run event. Heather brought in a 2nd in AG finish. Sandra used it as a great training day for Chattanooga 70.3 in a few weeks. Great work, ladies!

Weekend Update: USA Duathlon Nationals and Coastal Cyclist Century

It was a fun weekend in Greenville for Brian, Josh and Sarah. All 3 participated at the USA Duathlon Nationals. Each raced in the Draft-Legal Sprint on Saturday and the Non-drafting Standard on Sunday. The sprint consisted of a 5k run, 18k bike, 2.85k run and the standard was a
8.45k run, 39k bike, 4.5k run. While Sarah raced last year, this was the first time for the guys. All 3 reported back that it was a great experience.

Sarah used the sprint race as a warm-up for Duathlon World Championships in Pontevedra, Spain in 2 weeks. She also brought home a podium spot on Saturday- placing 3rd in her AG and thus qualifying again for the Draft-Legal Sprint World Championships 2020.

She also PR’ed Sunday’s standard distance by 3 minutes. It was a great weekend for her!

AND ALL THREE finished the weekend strong on Sunday qualifying for Worlds for the Standard distance! Looks like Team AMEC will be representing in the Netherlands in 2020!

Meanwhile, back in Charleston, the Coastal Cyclist’s Spring Century brought out many of our athletes to ride. Aimee, Alexis, Melissa, Robin and Sandra took to the streets and did awesome. It was Alexis’ first ever 100 miler and she killed it. Congrats to all!

Weekend Update: LandRun 100, Shamrock Shuffle 5k and 10k, Bosch 5k, and Race and Roast 5k

It was a fun weekend for bikes and running by Team AMEC. Let’s start with bikes.

Lane headed to Oklahoma for the iconic LandRun 100. This race is one of the leading “must-dos” for gravel racers. Many times the weather is complete crap and make the race unfinishable but fortunately this year was perfect and Lane finished in 8:24.

Aimee, Alexis and Robin spent a beautiful Saturday morning with the Charleston Cycle Chicks at a training ride for the Coastal Cyclists Century in a few weeks.

We had a fun weekend of running, too. Lots of running, in fact.

The Parker family had a fun day at the Shamrock Shuffle. EmmyLou PR’ed and placed 2nd in the 7 and under AG R. Scotty finished first in the 10k in his 16 and under AG. The rest of the family had great runs also, and even ran into teammate Sam.

Brian had a fantastic day at he Bosch 5k. His speedy time of 19:25 was good for a 3rd overall male finisher. Sarah, Josh and Alexis partied on St. Patrick’s Day at the Race and Roast 5k. Sarah placed 2nd overall female, Josh was 5th in his AG, and Alexis pulled in her first ever podium spot with 3rd in AG. Great job everyone!

Stay tuned- 2019 has only just begun. Lots of racing ahead!

Weekend Update: Parris Island Triathlon, Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo, Peyton’s Wild and Wacky

The first BIG weekend of the year and we had a great showing all across the lowcountry.

Parris Island Triathlon

What a fun day at the first triathlon of the year. Ashley and Missy, both training for IM Chattanooga 70.3 used this as a training prep race. Ashley placed 7th and Missy took home 4th in their AGs. Alexis also placed 4th in her AG.

This was Charlie’s first sprint triathlon and he brought in a podium spot- 3rd in his AG. He’s been training hard and I am very proud of him.

The teen triathletes!

Also, a big shot out to Team AMEC athlete and coach Amy’s teen athletes- they also pulled in podium spots in their first race of the season. Good job guys!

Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo

Josh on the podium!

Sadly, with as many athletes as we had a the Swamp Fox, we only have one picture. Luckily, it’s of Josh on his first ever overall podium. Great job on your 2nd place finish.

A big congrats to all the other finishers: Brian, Darrell, Lane, Melissa, Robin and Sandy.

Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 10 x 5k

A favorite event for all of us here in the Charleston area.

This race is in honor of Peyton Moore, a local runner, track and field star and all around great kid who lived life to the fullest.
All proceeds from the race are donated to Peyton’s favorite organizations:
Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund
Mount Pleasant Track Club
Mount Pleasant Academy

We had a lot of athletes there, enjoying being with friends and family, running in beautiful Laurel Hill, and honoring a sweet little boy. Enjoy the photos!