Weekend Update: LandRun 100, Shamrock Shuffle 5k and 10k, Bosch 5k, and Race and Roast 5k

It was a fun weekend for bikes and running by Team AMEC. Let’s start with bikes.

Lane headed to Oklahoma for the iconic LandRun 100. This race is one of the leading “must-dos” for gravel racers. Many times the weather is complete crap and make the race unfinishable but fortunately this year was perfect and Lane finished in 8:24.

Aimee, Alexis and Robin spent a beautiful Saturday morning with the Charleston Cycle Chicks at a training ride for the Coastal Cyclists Century in a few weeks.

We had a fun weekend of running, too. Lots of running, in fact.

The Parker family had a fun day at the Shamrock Shuffle. EmmyLou PR’ed and placed 2nd in the 7 and under AG R. Scotty finished first in the 10k in his 16 and under AG. The rest of the family had great runs also, and even ran into teammate Sam.

Brian had a fantastic day at he Bosch 5k. His speedy time of 19:25 was good for a 3rd overall male finisher. Sarah, Josh and Alexis partied on St. Patrick’s Day at the Race and Roast 5k. Sarah placed 2nd overall female, Josh was 5th in his AG, and Alexis pulled in her first ever podium spot with 3rd in AG. Great job everyone!

Stay tuned- 2019 has only just begun. Lots of racing ahead!

Weekend Update: Parris Island Triathlon, Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo, Peyton’s Wild and Wacky

The first BIG weekend of the year and we had a great showing all across the lowcountry.

Parris Island Triathlon

What a fun day at the first triathlon of the year. Ashley and Missy, both training for IM Chattanooga 70.3 used this as a training prep race. Ashley placed 7th and Missy took home 4th in their AGs. Alexis also placed 4th in her AG.

This was Charlie’s first sprint triathlon and he brought in a podium spot- 3rd in his AG. He’s been training hard and I am very proud of him.

The teen triathletes!

Also, a big shot out to Team AMEC athlete and coach Amy’s teen athletes- they also pulled in podium spots in their first race of the season. Good job guys!

Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo

Josh on the podium!

Sadly, with as many athletes as we had a the Swamp Fox, we only have one picture. Luckily, it’s of Josh on his first ever overall podium. Great job on your 2nd place finish.

A big congrats to all the other finishers: Brian, Darrell, Lane, Melissa, Robin and Sandy.

Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 10 x 5k

A favorite event for all of us here in the Charleston area.

This race is in honor of Peyton Moore, a local runner, track and field star and all around great kid who lived life to the fullest.
All proceeds from the race are donated to Peyton’s favorite organizations:
Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund
Mount Pleasant Track Club
Mount Pleasant Academy

We had a lot of athletes there, enjoying being with friends and family, running in beautiful Laurel Hill, and honoring a sweet little boy. Enjoy the photos!

Weekend Update: Kiawah Marathon, Challenge Daytona

Saturday turned out to be a GREAT day for a running race. The rain held off until the afternoon which also made for a better day of spectating.  It’s always a treat to be at a race where so many of my athletes are participating, and having other team members out there cheering with me is awesome as well.

We had some GREAT results in both the half and full marathons.





First Timers:

Alexis, kickin’ ass in her first half.
Holly, all smiles after her first full.


Brian, 6 min in the half
Missy, 11 min in the full




Other Superlatives:
Back in Action:

Jen coming back strong in her fastest half in 5 years, and Sandy in her first standalone half in 3 years. Both did great!

Liz, who convinced Alexis to do the half int he first place, also put out a great result.





Best news is that everybody’s happy!










Challenge Daytona:

The Parker family escaped to sunny Florida for the Challenge Daytona weekend.

Scotty, Emmylou, Lily and Pam all ran the 5k Saturday and did awesome.

Scotty left plenty in the tank to join his dad Steve in the Half Distance duathlon on Sunday. Unfortunately, the weather caused the race to be shortened from the full distance turning it to a 1 mile run, 20 mile bike, 13.1 mile run.  And apparently it worked out well for Scotty BECAUSE he got 4th overall male.  Overall.  And he’s 14.



And that’s it- another weekend of racing in the books. Great job, team!

Thanksgiving Update: All the Trots

thanks3 Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours had a wonderful day. Many of our team started the day on a healthy note showing up at Turkey Trots all over the country.


Missy’s mom, Missy, Shannon, Tracey, Jana, Kimberly, and Joelle spent time together as a group of our team family in Awendaw.



The Voyles family Kim, Kim’s mom, Lauren, and Kelsey represented our team in Colorado.






Pearce and his family ran in Tennesse.



Melissa and Team Mini-AMEC member Fritz also took up a trot in Tennessee.  They also celebrated a PR for Fritz.  Great job!






Dawn, Madison and Hadley stayed closer to home and ran in Charleston.  Team Mini-AMEC Hadley also PR’ed while Team Mini Madison opted for the casual run.


And while we are talking PRs… What makes these PRs even more impressive is the fact that they are happening at Turkey Trots- usually the biggest races of the year.  Dodging casual runners and large crowds make it nearly impossible.  Amazingly Fritz and Hadley weren’t our only PRs of the day.  Both Steve and Scotty ran their fastest times with Scotty knocking on the door of sub-20 with a 20:06 time.

And last but not least, Ken places 2nd in his AG at his race.

It was a great day of family and friends- hope you had that, too.






Weekend Update: Hellhole Gravel Grind, Old Village Harbor 5k, Sweet Tea 10k

It’s been a month since we had a big race weekend but as usual once we did- it was a big one! Check it out!

Hellhole Gravel Grind

This is one of my favorite races of the year! The Hellhole Gravel Grind is a one and two day ride and race for all levels of off-road riding. The most exciting part of this year was how many of my athletes came out of their comfort zone and raced it.  wu6



Darrell is my most experienced gravel athlete and he stepped up and did the 2-day stage race.  Yes, that’s 2 days of 75 miles of gravel- which equaled more than 10 hours of riding of the course of the weekend.  He did great and he’s probably already excited about next year!


Melissa raced the 45 miler last year and progressed to the 1 day 75 miler this year.  She loved it and I am expecting her to take Darrell’s lead and do the stage race next year.


Sarah finished as fastest female in the 45 mile ride.   Brian and Robin also did the 45 miler and had a wonderful time.  Both of them were on mountain bikes and Robin already has a gravel bike on it’s way.  I expect Brian to follow suit.

Steve and Scotty smashed the 45 miler on their new gravel bikes that they received literally  the night before. I don’t usually recommending racing on a bike you’ve never ridden but, hey, sometimes that’s just the way it goes.




Next year our team will have even a bigger showing as more and more of my athletes want to get out there. If you are looking to try new things I highly recommend riding off-road.  I mean, look how dirty you get.  How can that not be fun??








Old Village Harbor 5k



Joelle is FINALLY bouncing back from months of injuries and various weird mishaps and had a GREAT 5k- placing 2nd in her AG. She has worked so hard to get back to where she was and we are almost there- and will then blow past it.

Dawn is also killing it! We have been working really hard on getting her 5k time down and she is exceeding my expectations.  I’m seeing sub-9 min miles in her near future.  I am so happy for her.

Missy just happened to be running by during her 18 mile training run (Kiawah is in a few weeks!) and stopped to congratulate her teammates and grab a picture.



Sweet Tea 10k



Last but not least is Sam- our newest team member.  He crushed the Sweat Tea 10k- coming in 4th overall male.  We have only been working together a few weeks and I am looking forward to helping get him faster and stronger.  On another note, when he sent me the race photo I asked for I knew he was a perfect fit for us.  Welcome, Sam!